As part of my resolution to be more active with the blog this year I signed up for Blogging 101 at the last minute.  I’m hoping it will keep up my motivation, give me ideas and most importantly help me focus what I want this blog to be about.

The first assignment is to write an introductory post which, since this blog has been up and running for six months now, I already have.  There is of course some advice for this kind of situation – revisit that first post, take stock of what’s been done and what’s planned for the next six months or so.  My Resolutions post yesterday already does this for the most part, but there is one question that cropped up for new bloggers that caught my eye and I’d like to take a shot at it.

Why are you blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal?

The honest answer is I’m not sure.  It probably should be a private journal, although that might just be my personal insecurities telling me that none of this will be of interest to anyone.  Although that’s not strictly true – one of my posts has a like and I have a handful of followers – it’s a thought I have a hard time shaking.  It’s certainly not a belief that the world will be a worse place without my ramblings.

I do think though that I very occasionally have a thought or opinion that someone else might find interesting.  However briefly.  I also think that it’s partly about validation.  I don’t hide the fact I suffer from depression and anxiety, or the baggage these bring with them.  I’ve alluded to it already in this post.  The thought that someone else might be getting something from these, however small, is helpful.  And heartening.  None of that comes from a private journal.

So I guess those are my reasons.  It’s as far as I’ve got with them anyway.  They will probably coalesce into something more substantial as this blog goes on.  Next year I think I’ll come back to this question and see how much, if any, this is true.  Or if anything has changed.

For everyone else taking part in Blogging 101 this year, good luck with your introductory posts and have fun.  Happy blogging!


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