Fitbit, pt. 2

So I have been using my Fitbit for two weeks now, to monitor my activity and sleep patterns and to use as a motivator in my efforts to lose weight and get a bit healthier this year, and so far I’m really liking it.  I thought it might be a bit gimmicky at first.  After all, there are free phone apps available that can do a lot of this stuff.  The problem with those, for the most part, is they are clunky and it becomes a chore to switch between half a dozen different apps to try and keep track of everything.  I’ve tried them before.

Fitbit achieves the same much more elegantly, and syncs with its own phone app as well as the website to track everything for you in one place.  It no longer feels like a chore, which in turn means my attempt to lose weight no longer feels like a chore – a big demotivator.  I can just get on with it – set my daily goal and go.

Regarding daily goals – for steps taken, calories burned etc. – I’ve been at least meeting and in most cases exceeding the ones I’ve been setting.  I did start them out pretty modestly, but each goal I succeeded I’d bumb it up by 10% for the next day.  I plan to keep doing this until I reach a goal I’m struggling to meet and then I’ll really have something to push towards.

So my resolution to lose weight is still holding.  Still slower than I’d like, I have managed to lose nearly 3kg (about 6lbs) so far.  If I can keep that up, or better it if possible, I can reach my goal weight by the autumn, which is nice to think about.  I know there will be ups and downs – I’m pretty clearly on an “up” right now – but things are heading in the right direction so hopefully with the Fitbit and this blog to keep me focused I’ll get there.


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