Fitbit, pt. 3

This has been an up and down week.  Depression hit mid-week and I had a couple of low days that hampered things.  It’s interesting, because I can actually see a trend on the Fitbit dashboard where the number of steps I’m taking drops quite dramatically on those days.

My mood picked up at the end of the week and I tried to compensate for the earlier dip with some extra activity this weekend but unfortunately it snowed here, which turned to slush and then ice overnight and meant my plans for a good walk were scuppered.  I tried, but twenty minutes of skittering on icy pavements at about half my usual walking speed convinced me it was a lost cause.  Hopefully there’s a thaw and I can pick things up again this week.

What I did manage to keep up, despite depression’s best efforts, was a decent calorie intake.  I’m doing the 5:2 fast diet along with my Fitbit efforts, which means five days of essentially normal eating and two days on restricted calories, around 600 (a quarter of the RDA for men).  I was worried I’d feel uncomfortably hungry on those days, leading to bingeing and more snacking and I wouldn’t be able to keep up with it.  While it was certainly difficult at first, it’s actually proven easier than I thought.  A couple of false starts initially but I now have a routine down and the fast days aren’t really a problem.  I don’t feel hungrier on those days anymore, which I expected to.  And if anything I’m actually eating a little less on non-fast days.  I might start adding my meals on these days to these update posts, in case anyone is interested.

That means that the weight loss seems to be ticking along nicely.  Another 2.5kg in the last week (5.2kg since I started), with Fitbit doing its usual sterling job keeping track of various things.  I mentioned in my first post that I liked the all-in-one nature of the Fitbit tracking, and while that’s still true I’m going to try syncing with a couple of other apps, based on advice in this post, and see how that goes.  They should still feed data back into the Fitbit app itself so everything can still be monitored from one place.


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