This is partly inspired by the recent Blogging 101 assignment, Be Inspired by the Neighbours, and partly by a desire to branch out on the content of my blog a bit.  The neighbour I’ve taken inspiration from is Starry-Eyed Potboiler and this post on streamlining RPG sessions.

It gives some very useful tips on how to keep games flowing, often enriching the experience for everyone playing in the process.  If you’re a GM (or even a player) you should check it out and see if anything would work for your game.

Currently I’m both a GM and a player in a Dresden Files RPG set in and around Glasgow, and I’m always on the lookout for advice to make me better at both.  It’s often considered a nerdy hobby (although that’s something I’d embrace, frankly) but I’ve found it to be very worthwhile in other ways too.

As a GM I get to really stretch my writing muscles.  Having to create adventures to keep other players engaged and challenged can be tricky, and the random nature when dice hit the table means I often have to do this on the spot.  It can be hit and miss, but when everything comes together it’s a great feeling.

The need to improvise is there as a player too, but what I get from it most is a way of working through my social anxiety.  The usual mental block I have over whether what I’m thinking is actually worthwhile saying, a block that tends to keep me quiet, even silent, in many social situations, just isn’t there to the same extent when I’m playing my character.  It’s liberating.


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