Blogging, pt. 2

I’m a little behind on my Blogging 101 assignments because of a couple of low days towards the end of the week so I’m going to use this as a bit of an update digest on how things are going.

My About page

I never really considered the importance of an About page.  I knew I had to tell people what my blog and I are all about but I was relying on my first post to do that.  As a sticky post surely it would fulfil the requirements, right?  Well, yes for a bit.  But it would eventually go out of date.  I could keep updating it but then it wouldn’t really be my first post any more.

So today I embraced the About page (prompted by the Blogging 101 assignment).  It’s still essentially the same as that first post, with a bit of minor editing, but I can keep it fresh and relevant as time goes on and how I’m using my blog and what it’s about evolves.  That first post can be left to stand as a record of where and why this blog started.

Be a good neighbour, and be inspired by the neighbours

The next assignment, or really two assignments – they flow together, is to meaningfully comment on at least four other blogs that you’ve never commented on before.  Then, expand one of those comments into a post and link back to the blog.  I’ll list the other blogs I commented on too.  You should definitely check them out.

  1. This post on My Month Of… talking about Fitbit synchronisation.  The author takes on a different challenge each month and blogs about his experience, and January is Fitbit month.  I’m blogging just now about my use of a Fitbit Charge as part of my new year’s resolution to lose weight and get healthier and this post (as well as many of the others) has some helpful tips about how to get the best out of the device by synching with other fitness and health apps.
  2. Continuing the health theme, this post, as well as the rest of the blog My 5:2 Diet Journey, details the author’s experiences following the 5:2 Fast Diet – something I’ve started myself and reading the thoughts of someone else trying it was both valuable and interesting.
  3. Katie Marie blogs about writing and this post about her favourite literary characters caught my eye mentioning Harry Dresden, and my love of the Dresden Files series meant I couldn’t pass it up.  She’s asking for readers examples of their favourite characters.
  4. Finally there is this post on Starry-Eyed Potboiler giving some tips on how to streamline tabletop roleplaying sessions.  The blog focuses on writing but the author also talks about a myriad of other interesting stuff too.  I was drawn to it because I spent a good chunk of my Sunday writing for my own Dresden Files RPG campaign and felt I could use some of the advice.  This is the one I want to expand upon, in my post here.

I’m about to embark on the latest assignment, Spruce Up Your Sidebar.  There isn’t much need for a post about that – the results should be obvious soon – but my weekly Fitbit update post will be up later on.


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