Today’s assignment for Blogging 101, Plug in to Social Networks, is something I’m probably not going to do.  At least not any time soon.

I’m not against them.  In fact, I can see a great deal of value in them when used effectively, and depending on what type of blog you write.  I write another blog on WordPress and have that linked to a few.

But I write this blog anonymously at the moment.  That might change in the future, and I’ll get to linking things if and when that happens.  For now though, I’m going to have to sit out this assignment.


3 thoughts on “Social

  1. No I won’t be plugging into social networks either today or anytime soon. I did give it some thought, as I think it might increase my following which is almost miniscule at the moment.:) But on the other hand, I do want to remain a “little anonymous” if that is at all possible. Let’s face it, you’re either anonymous or you’re not!

    Sorry that depression is such a major part of your life. I’ve tried many ways of dealing with it myself. Over the last few months or so I’ve been meditating, which I am told is beneficial. It calms the mind amongst other things. So far, improvements in my mood have become noticeable. Have you ever thought of trying meditation? It might help.

    • Yeah, I think if someone really wanted to find me they probably could. I just don’t want to make it too easy! It’s helpful to think about the anonymity when I’m writing, I don’t feel as restricted as I might otherwise.

      I haven’t tried meditation itself. I used to do taekwondo, which has an element of it. Or at least focus. That helped for a bit until I had to stop. I was hoping to start it up again, and I might try some meditation as well and see if it helps. It’s certainly worth a shot. Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

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