I mentioned in one of my Blogging 101 posts lasts week that I was planning to take part in the Around the World Reading Challenge over at Booking It.  I thought I’d reach out to you readers and the wider blogging community to get some recommendations for what I should read.  In particular I’m looking for good reads that aren’t from European or North American authors, because those I’m most familiar with.

My go to genres tend to be science fiction or fantasy, with the odd mystery or crime fiction thrown in now and then.  This doesn’t mean I only want recommendations in those genres.  In fact, a big part of why I took this challenge was to expand my reading, and I’ve enjoyed books from many different genres in the past.  I’m also looking for a wide range of formats – novels, novellas, graphic novels, collections of short stories – as long as I get some ideas from all around the globe.

So if you know of some good books by South American, African, Asian or Australian authors, or just have a favourite author from one of those regions that maybe doesn’t get the attention you think they should, drop them in the comments.  Feel free to throw in North American and European authors too if you like; I’m always on the lookout for something new to try.

I look forward to seeing what you enjoy reading.


2 thoughts on “Recommendations

  1. From Africa (Nigeria), I’d recommend anything by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. From South America (Columbia, I think) Gabriel Marcia Marquez and/or Isabel Allende. From Asia (Japan), I haven’t yet read him, but lots of people love Haruki Murakami. Ha Jin from China is good as well.

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