Fitbit, pt. 5

I haven’t had a particularly good couple of weeks in terms of weight loss.  It’s actually gone up a little.  Not much, only 0.3 kg (which is just over half a pound), but it’s disappointing.  I can see some of the reasons.  I slipped up with my 5:2 diet a couple of times, only managing to stick to a single fast day each week and that seems to have been enough to reverse some of what I’ve already done.

It’s particularly disappointing since in those two weeks I’ve also had some of my best days in terms of activity, according to my Fitbit.  It makes sense, I’ve been making an effort to get out my flat and go for more walks including a couple of days where I had the opportunity for some fairly long ones.  I enjoyed those spells so I’m hoping this is just a minor blip.  I’m going to take a closer look at what I’m eating and not just in terms of calories which I’m already doing, to see if there’s something there that needs changing.

So not the best week, but with luck this is just a short-term plateau and things will start going in the right direction again soon.

Until next time.


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