A deep, even grandiose title for what is actually going to be a post about something pretty superficial.  My iPod seems to be giving up the ghost.  It will stop playing songs midway through.  This still happens after a reset, but with different songs.  Apparently at random.  They all play fine in iTunes.

I’m not entirely surprised.  I’ve had the iPod for a while now, maybe seven years or so.  It hasn’t seen continual use; when I got my first smart phone I started using that to save carrying around more than one device, although I would still get the iPod out now and again if I knew I was going on a long trip or fancied listening to something a little more obscure since it could fit my entire library – something my phone couldn’t (and still can’t) do.  That was its big advantage.

Recently I started using it a bit more again.  Access to all my music was good but it also meant I wasn’t running my phone battery down as quickly – something that was becoming more of a problem.  It looks like that solution is gone now.

So I’ve been having a look at options to replace it.  Weirdly, and annoyingly, the current models that Apple make have much less storage space.  Their biggest (and most expensive) model only has about half the storage of my old one.  It’s enough to hold all my music but I’d rather not pay that much.  The next model down won’t fit all my music.  And a Nano, which would probably be the more desirable in terms of cost and features will only hold about a quarter of it.

It’s all very ‘first world problems’ but it did have me remembering some good times associated with that iPod.  House parties with friends and road trips; it got me through my final undergrad year – late nights in the library with only my music to keep me company.  I used to think those memories were tied just to the songs but I’ve come to realise that isn’t the case.  Somehow this object – one that should be a perfect example of function over sentimentality – has worked its way into those memories to the point where it now seems inseparable.

I’m not sure why I wrote this post, other than to have a bit of a rant, which then got me thinking.  It’s funny but when I finally replace it, it really will be the end of an era.  A short one for sure, but in some small way meaningful.  One that I never saw coming.


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