Fitbit, pt. 6

Since my last update, I feel like I’ve done fairly well.  Aside from about half a week where depression hit and I didn’t get a lot done I’ve been mostly active, meeting or beating my daily goals for steps and distance travelled, and with only a couple of slips sticking fairly well to my fast diet.  Unfortunately all that’s translated to has been a loss of 0.5 kg.

I was expecting it to be low considering the spell of depression, but that’s barely anything, which is disappointing.  Mood can be a huge factor but I’m going to have to step things up – set higher daily activity goals, really look at what I’m eating in terms of food content, not just calories, and in general be a lot stricter with myself.  It doesn’t help that I’m still job hunting.  If I had regular work to go to, forcing me into much higher levels of daily activity it would help a lot.  Unfortunately I’m currently in a cycle of Look for job –> Rejection –> Depression –> Look for job that’s getting in the way of everything.  I’m sure I’ll break out of it at some point but until then, this resolution to lose weight might be slower going than I’d like.

See you all in a fortnight.


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