Writing 201: Animal

                           I          M
                          ISS        YOU
                         MYBES      TFRIE

Starting today’s poetry binge with the prompt animal, the form concrete poetry (visual or shape poetry) and the device enjambment (essentially when a sentence runs on to the next line of verse).  The verse itself was done quite quickly but fitting it into a shape took some time, even though it’s a fairly simple shape.  I don’t know if it works.  You have to read across the “ears” which is a bit awkward.  This is another one I’ll have to sit with for a bit before I can say one way or the other, but I’m reasonably happy with it.  Enough that I’m willing to post it at least.  I also don’t know how well I’ve been able to incorporate the device.  By the nature of the form, enjambment happens on its own to an extent, and there are words that run on to the next line never mind sentences.  I’m sure if I spent longer with it I could do it better, so come back in a few weeks for the revisiting.

One more of my own pieces coming up later, followed by the weekend task for Writing 201 which is to share a piece of our favourite poetry.  There are a few contenders running through my head just now so it’ll be interesting to see what comes out when it comes time to put up that post.


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