Writing 201: Fog

I worry that I might forget,

Or make them disappear;

Thoughts of loved ones, now passed away,

A fog, at times unclear.

Yet sometimes sun will pierce that fog,

Make sharp those moments dear;

A photograph, a time preserved,

Of joy and of good cheer.

A face perhaps, or even voice,

Still vivid with each year;

And smell of course: their aftershave,

Or their favourite beer.

These memories I hold too close,

Of losing them I fear;

That’s not how memories work though,

Important?  They’ll be near.

The final piece of my own poetry as I catch up with Writing 201 has the theme fog, the form elegy and the device metaphor.

Coming on the back of the direction I went down with my previous piece, means similar moods for my two pieces of poetry today.  And that piece, written in a more standard way, could fit the elegy form here.  A consequence of deliberately avoiding looking at the prompts for the assignments I wasn’t actively working on at the time.  If I’d looked ahead I might have posted things in a different order.

That said, I’m fairly happy with this.  It could apply to memories of any loved one, although at its heart it’s about my late father.  I considered freeform verse for this (and if I revisit it like the others I’ll probably use that, and make the first lines more obviously longer), since all but the haiku so far have incorporated rhyme, but I like the repeated rhyme that evolved as I was writing it.  It reminds me of a ship or lighthouse bell guiding others through a fog, which I think fits.


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